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NOR4TO - Upside down WIP NOR4TO - Upside down WIP

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you commented on my sound that we had similar style. I had to check that. I like your uploads. nice work man :)

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Norato responds:

Thanks ;) Glad to hear that

Eternal Love[Original Mix Eternal Love[Original Mix

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is it just me?

I don't know if it is just me or no, but seem's to me like this song is somehow "emotional" is this the right word to use when a track makes you feel something....something.....
Well it got to me, I love how it makes me think nice thought's, THAT WHAT MUSIC IS ALL ABOUT, THIS MUSIC RIGHT HERE!!!
Good luck on your production's, I wish you the very best, may you never stop making such sound's and sharing them with the world!!!

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stephenstripling responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Travis Mida - A.I. Construct Travis Mida - A.I. Construct

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nice melodies

yeah theese are some nice melodies, but did I got this right?

This is a part of a track? this part's lenght is like 8:45 and there are 2 more? is this what u mean? I'm just curious why it must be so long lol, but I think that if you do some work with beat's and bassline's those melodies would sound amazing.

BreakdancingforGod responds:

Haha. Yeah, the first song I wrote was Artificial Intelligence, which inspired me to write this song, then this song inspired me to write Cybernetics. All three of them use a lot of the same effects and I was thinking maybe one day I'll mix all 3 of them together. Thanks for the review! :D

Night Clubbing Night Clubbing

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I like the ending part

pretty nice sound's, but is this thing like a compilation of your stuff or is it supposed to be in one track? cuz I hear load's of differen't ideas to a track here (that's just me lolz) still nice though

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Aka70ravenwolf responds:

Kinda a compilation. I would think of it like this-
I found the sounds I finally like. I guess I'm more of a house kinda guy as opposed to techno,

I'm glad you enjoyed the ending!